You Are Love

I used to know you. As a child, how could I not believe? You were real and ever-present. You made sense of every inexplicable moment. As I grew older, You became more tenuous, And somehow tainted As though you had been around humans too long. You no longer fit into my view of the world,... Continue Reading →


Just a Dream

“Just a dream”, I repeat over and over in my head, like a mantra. I try desperately to convince myself of what it was but, as usual, I’m not completely sure. I can’t seem to shake the lingering feeling of your skin against mine or your scent enveloping me in a soft mist. Your voice... Continue Reading →


Hope is hardly stronger than fear. It is delicate and fragile, Like the petals of a rare flower. Fear is acerbic and abrasive, Leaving raw, burning flesh in its wake. Fear is unforgivingly corrosive, And hope, for all its beauty, never stood a chance.   I've been a little down this week, which made it... Continue Reading →

An Open Box

The shelves extend as far as my mind’s eye. Every person, every moment, each neatly labelled and packed away in a box to be opened when needed. The room is illuminated by a blinding fluorescent light, but so is the nature of a mind that never sleeps. Each time I peruse the shelves, delicately caressing... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

Dear Writer’s Block, It’s not you, it’s me. You are nothing more than an abstract, yet I allowed you to take tangible control over me. I let you strangle the thoughts and feelings inside my mind before they could materialise as words on a page. But I can’t go on like this, with every emotion... Continue Reading →

A Ruthless Lover

Death was a ruthless lover. She pinched and prodded and bit and blew until I was a quivering mess, begging for relief that never came. Instead, she watched me with a cruel glint in her eye as she captured another’s lips with hers, and then another’s and another’s. She made sure I could always see... Continue Reading →

A Baker’s Dozen

We are four days into the New Year, and I did expect to have published a new piece by now.  However, the past week has been a time of reflection and inspiration, which I am still sieving through. Looking back on the past year, it has truly been one of trials and triumphs. So, without... Continue Reading →

The Mirage

When I’m there, it’s easier. The ache never goes away, not completely, but it feels as distant as you are. I can brush our past to the side, pretend that it doesn’t consume my every breathe. When I’m here, though, the sensation is completely different. You become more than a thought, more than a memory.... Continue Reading →

I Am Nothing

I have never felt more alone. I sit in silence, with no one and nothing for miles around me. It’s been awhile since I’ve tried to make desperate conversation with myself, a futile attempt to relieve the loneliness. It only served to exacerbate the feeling. I am so hollow that the emptiness suffocates me. All the... Continue Reading →

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